Our Company

Velicon is a world-class manufacturing and service company that sustainably advances the work of engineers, technicians, and manufacturing personnel.

Established in 1995, Velicon continues to be run and operated by its founders. It’s no surprise we rank among the top five suppliers of high-performance electric motors and generators in the United States.

We’re here to help you meet your business goals.

Our Team

Our team consists of engineers, technicians, and business personnel from the following disciplines:

  • Electro-mechanical engineering, rotating electric machine design & power electronics
  • Mechatronics, computer numerical control (CNC), and machine-tool technology
  • Applications, sales engineering, systems integration, and project management
  • Skilled precision machining, manufacturing technology, and technical services

With our expertise in high-speed electric motors, interdisciplinary skills, and inventiveness, we ensure an end-to-end problem solving solution for our customers.

What We Do

  • Electric motors and generators in aerospace testing
  • Integrated solutions in automotive, aerospace and industrial dynamometer testing
  • Machine tool spindle motors and accessories
  • Electric motors for high-speed hydraulics and fluid equipment